The Canadian Experience Class is an immigration sub-category of the Express Entry stream managed by IRCC. This sub-category allows foreign workers, who have worked in Canada for at least one year, to immigrate permanently.

Eligibility Requirement :

To be eligible to apply for Express Entry through CEC, the applicant must:

  • Have a minimum of 1 year of experience within 3 years before the application. Applicants must have experience in one or more occupations which are classified as skilled level types 0, A, and B under the national occupation classification (NOC). Also, the duties’ description of your occupation must be found in NOC including all essential roles and responsibilities.
  • Meet the requirement of language ability. The minimum Level for NOC skilled level category 0 and A is CLB 7 and CLB 5 is for NOC skilled level B category.
  • Have legal status while studying and working in Canada.
  • Academic requirement is not mandatory. However, if an individual wants to earn points for an academic credential, then either their Education should be from Canadian Institute or Education credential assessment from a Canadian recognized agency is required.
  • Have a Valid Education assessment for the credential, if any, from out of Canada.
  • Meet 67 points requirement for basic assessment based on basic human capital.
Application Process

Once all the eligibility requirements are met, the candidate must follow the below-mentioned steps in order to move ahead for application:

  • Submit an online expression of interest in the Federal express entry draw pool system which is valid for 12 months. Express entry draws happen twice in a month and invites individuals with the highest Comprehensive score.
  • Once an Invitation to apply is received, an individual must submit all supporting documents and accept the Invitation within 60 days to the federal government on their official website.
  • Have legal status while studying and working in Canada.
  • The application would be further analysed to confirm if an individual can become a permanent resident. During this process, an individual would be required to produce positive medical test reports along with a clear criminal record check.
  • Lastly, the candidate would receive a Passport request asking to submit the original passport to VFS Global for a permanent residency stamp.
Facts to know
  • Permanent Residency Visa is valid for 5 years. An individual must spend 730 days (at one go is not necessary) in Canada to re-issue their Permanent residency visa.
  • If an individual lives for 1095 days in Canada, they can apply directly for citizenship of Canada.
  • Permanent residency holders can travel outside of Canada frequently when they are on the status of PR.